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Building relationships that lead to longterm success

A challenge for many businesses – particularly small and medium businesses – is how to perform consistently over time without losing momentum or focus while navigating an increasingly complex and noisy marketplace.

In many ways, the pace and complexity make us respond with an always-on, fight-or-flight attitude which, although effective for short bursts, becomes almost impossible to sustain over long periods of time. Not to mention that it saps creativity, affects focus and inhibits relaxation.

How then to respond so you can consistently engage in the relationship building that leads to longterm success? Not to mention all of the marketing activities critical to demonstrating your organisation’s knowledge and passion (e.g., publishing blog content regularly and consistently; developing relevant educational offers; etc.).

Here are our 3-Steps to ensure longterm success.

Start with WHY

Passion drives everything

Map your passions and your purpose statement. A Passion & Purpose Map is your unique blueprint helping you/your team lead your business and life grounded by your passions and highest purpose.

Take them on a Journey

Take them on the journey

Know how to effectively deliver that purpose in a way that can be replicated over time. Communicate your vision with your internal and external customers with a journey map including all the touch points along the way.

Attract your Audience

Content that sells like Clockwork

Using the journey map, we create a content plan with targeted campaigns that cut through the noise, plays into the identity of your ideal clients, changes beliefs and builds trust…oh! and does the selling for you!

When you find a deeper message and meaning behind what you are doing, it makes your Brand so much more powerful….

We are all craving connection in this digital world.

You might not know it but there IS a deeper message and passion, a deeper meaning to what you are doing in your business.

If you can tune in to what that special ingredient is, you can get people to fall in love with your Brand and things become so much easier.

The best thing is, we’re not talking about manipulating people with some made-up passion that is just a marketing gimmick. Ooooh NO!

We are talking about infusing your business with your Soul and what you are really passionate about.

It goes from just a business with products that will be effective for their customers…


A brand that people will fall in love with, rally to support and feel connected to.


We are extremely proud to share the following testimonials with you.
Michelle is a marketing master and with her training, tips, guidance and support she has transformed my confidence in marketing my business. The time I have spent with Michelle developing my company’s Vision, Mission & Values gave me clarity and also inspired me to refocus my marketing efforts. I now feel that I have a solid content plan that will help to grow the business by reaching our target audience. I thoroughly enjoy working with Michelle she has become an essential part of our team.
Danielle The Training Store
After my recent strategy session with Michelle, I feel ready to supercharge my business. Michelle is professional and very clear in her approach. Her strategies are clever and easy to follow which was important to me as I’m not very marketing or tech-savvy but Michelle’s warm nature and patient manner make her a pleasure to deal with. I always walk away from our meetings with a crystal clear vision of how I want my business to run. Thanks, Michelle I’ll look forward to our next positive meeting!
Danni Elopements Noosa
My experience with Michelle had been nothing but insightful, informative, interesting and helpful. Michelle has given me strategies that I can use immediately. I would highly recommend Marvel Marketing.
Karen Loving the Skin You're In

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